Vicente Amigo – My Best Of

Vicente Amigo is set to release a new album. Having enjoyed a recent concert of his, I’m looking forward to hearing it.

In anticipation, and as a means of contextualizing, I thought I’d go over his back catalog and pick out some favorites. Remarkably, most of Amigo’s work is on YouTube, neatly organised into albums, allowing me to share my picks as a YouTube playlist.

This was a rather irreverent exercise. I’m not sure how comfortable I would be doing it with, say, Paco de Lucía. This surely says something about the esteem in which I hold Amigo. It’s true that, with each listening, I’m either drawn in or pushed away. Through it all however, I can’t really ever get enough of his music.

For whatever reason, I didn’t include anything from Tauromagia by Manolo Sanlucar or Canto, Amgio’s collaboration with El Pele. Both of which are probably important in understanding Amigo.